Leading Well<br><i><small> by David Pich and Ann Messenger </i> </small>

Leading Well
by David Pich and Ann Messenger


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Leading Well is about the inspiration of leadership. It focuses squarely on the personal attributes that can transform managers into leaders and good leaders into great leaders.

For this – the second book in its Leadership Series – the Institute of Managers and Leaders asked its membership of more than 10,000 which were the most important personal attributes for leadership success. The top 7 attributes selected are explored in detail in this book.

Respect, integrity, emotional intelligence, ability to inspire, authenticity, self-awareness and decisiveness lie at the very heart of the ability for a leader to lead well. These attributes are presented in each of the 7 chapters and each is supported by case studies, practical advice, real-life examples, strategies for improvement and interviews with some of today’s top leaders. The result is a book that is useful, practical and inspiring. Leading Well isn’t about leadership theory; it’s about the practice of leadership. It’s about leaders rolling up their sleeves and doing things differently to have an impact.

This is the second book in the IML Leadership series by David Pich and Ann Messenger. See also Leadership Matters.