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Mining Boom
by Dr Allan Trench

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A Sharebuyer’s Guide to Investing in the Australian Mining Boom will help you evaluate which stocks in the mining sector have the best chance of outperforming the market. It includes an extensive A to Z (Aluminium to Zinc) of commodities and company profiles of 40 Emerging ASX-listed Resources Companies.

The Australian mining industry is a major contributor to the national economy. The export revenues from the various metals and minerals mined from ‘The Lucky Country’ read like telephone numbers; make those international telephone numbers.

Dubious investors may be concerned whether the Australian resources sector will continue to show growth. Or has all the future value of high commodity prices already been priced into resources company share prices? For some resources stocks, the answer is yes. The values of some companies in Dr Allan Trench's opinion have become stretched. But for other resources stocks the answer is absolutely not. All is uncovered in this fascinating book.

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