No Sex at Work <br><i><small> by Judith Beck </i></small>

No Sex at Work
by Judith Beck


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‘A powerfully modern guide to running a modern career, where Judith rightly identifies creating value as the core competency of leadership.’

Andrea Clarke, Best-selling author and Facilitator


Captured in No Sex at Work is a rich tapestry of tips what will elevate the career aspirations, performance and outcomes – of women and men.’

Mark Rantall, CFP, CPA


‘Follow Judith’s tips if you want to be a high performer, speed up your career progression and avoid roadblocks (especially the self-imposed ones!). Your career is your responsibility – no-one else’s.’

Vanessa Bennett, Next Evolution Performance

No Sex at Work inspires you to see yourself as an individual not a gender. Success at work is not about your sex, it’s about you. It’s about learning certain skills and behaviours to help you excel in your career. Author, Judith Beck, encourages you to keep sex out of work by focusing on:

  • the soft skills you need to handle certain situations in the work environment;
  • the business skills you need to help progress in your career;
  • how to highlight your capabilities as one of the 10 per cent of high achievers; and 
  • how to stop categorising yourself as a gender, race, religion, and any other label society puts on you as an individual or a group.