Service Habits <br><i><small> by Jaquie Scammell</i> </small>

Service Habits
by Jaquie Scammell


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‘Jaquie Scammell, Australia’s leading expert on customer service and preeminent voice in the business of service, breaks down what world-class service looks like – and, more importantly, what baby steps we can take to achieve it. Practical, accessible, engaging and profound, Service Habits is compulsory reading for anyone in the business of service. (And make no mistake, if you are in business, you’re in the business of service.)


We all want more connection, meaning and ease in our day-to-day lives – less drama and fewer obstacles. Employees want employers to serve them with excellent employee benefits, opportunities for growth, and a positive workplace that’s supportive of their wellbeing. Employers want great productivity and results from their service employees. Customers want businesses to serve them with urgency, genuine care and basic common sense, and to provide the solutions they’re looking for.

Service internally and externally in the 21st century is about building long-lasting relationships which have a greater long-term impact. So how do you transform an organisation’s service culture? It requires everyone to implement small steps for a period of time until they become second nature. This book by Jaquie Scammell uncovers the habits you can leverage to improve your effectiveness as a service professional.

This is the second book in Jaquie's Service series; the first is Service Mindset.