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Step Up
by Michelle Gibbings


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“ excellent book which deserves a wide audience….personal insights and ideas will inspire all of those who wish to advance their careers and indeed their lives. 
Elizabeth Proust AO, company director and former banking executive

“Step Up packs a hefty punch: a book providing the opportunity for anyone, anywhere to forge ahead on tough 21st-century challenges – personal or organisational.”  Richard Dent OAM, CEO of Leadership Victoria

In today’s fast-paced world, organisations and the people who work for them are going through rapid change. Most successful leaders are able to make the most of these dynamic environments.

They understand themselves, understand others and understand how to manage and motivate behavioural change. It is through these core skills that they are able to prosper through change and gather the influence they need to be successful. These skills are relevant for everyone – regardless of their role or hierarchical position.

Michelle Gibbings wrote Step Up specifically for people who are more technically focused, but who are at a stage in their career where they know they need to change if they want to advance. They could be accountants, financial planners, risk management experts, financial controllers, engineers, scientists or even doctors. They are people who associate with their technical craft first, even though they may now be in a leadership role and are required to step up.