Rules of Belonging

Rules of Belonging
by Fiona Robertson


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Organisational culture is poorly understood and has been way overcomplicated. It’s not easy, but it is simple.

Once you know what to look for, you can identify the current culture of any group by the current rules of belonging in that group – and you can articulate your desired culture in new rules of belonging and create that culture through a series of clear, deliberately managed steps.

Organisational culture is a hot topic across the world, but particularly here in Australia after the Royal Commission into misconduct in the financial services industry. Practically every senior leader is now looking at how their organisation can measure and manage culture – but most don’t even know what it is. They confuse culture with employee engagement and try to solve the wrong problem, and so almost none of the frantic activity were seeing will result in actual culture change.

Meanwhile, leaders at all levels are stuck with dysfunctional teams and need to take immediate, practical action to reduce the time they spend managing conflict and deliver results much more quickly.

In Rules of Belonging, culture-change expert Fiona Robertson shows you how.