The Natural Advantage<br><i><small> by Dr Jenny Brockis </i> </small>

The Natural Advantage
by Dr Jenny Brockis


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How more time outside reduces stress, improves health and boosts social connection.

Busy lives mean it’s harder than ever to find the space to do those things that help us enjoy a greater quality of life. This has led to what is called a ‘nature deficit’. We are so hooked up to our work, our technology and the demands placed on us in our daily lives that we no longer have the time or the energy to indulge in those activities that take us away from all our stresses and concerns to relax, restore our sense of wellbeing and connect to what matters the most.

Dr Jenny Brockis specialises in lifestyle medicine, and in this book she shows how connecting to nature positively impacts our other lifestyle choices of healthy nutrition, exercise and sleep to elevate health, wellbeing and happiness.

Diving into the research, Brockis distils the findings into simple, easy-to-implement, nature-based activities that have the scientific evidence to back them up. 

Readers learn how nature can help improve our sight, hearing, smell, taste, heart and soul through greater connection with the earth, water, air, sunshine and animals.