Leadership book cover for Lead Like a Coach by Karen Morley

Lead Like a Coach
by Karen Morley

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According to leadership expert, Karen Morley, leaders who coach can double their engagement score. Even more importantly in today’s technology-driven, fast-paced world, they can lighten their load and reduce the pressure on themselves.

Coaching is all about refocusing how you engage with your team. Leaders who coach:

  • Focus on the team and on developing the members of the team
  • Trust their team and delegate, but are still there to offer support
  • Encourage and applaud
  • Listen to their team’s challenges and encourage them to find solutions
  • Ask coaching questions
  • Develop next-gen leaders who pay the coaching approach forward.

Lead Like a Coach is for leaders who care about the people they lead; care about their own success; and want to make a positive impact on their stakeholders, their families and their communities. It is packed with practical strategies and case studies making it easy for anyone to start to lead like a coach.