Gift Mindset <br><i><small> by Renée Giarrusso </i> </small>

Gift Mindset
by Renée Giarrusso


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In this fascinating book, leadership and communication expert, Renée Giarrusso teaches us how to view challenging situations -- and successes too --  as ‘gifts’; each is valuable for the lessons it teaches us. With the right mindset we can learn to embrace them and apply the lessons they present in our personal and professional lives.

Most of us experience challenges, crises, sadness and triumphs and success at some point over the years. Life throws us curveballs. Some are made of glass and hard to catch, some bounce off us and others seem to fall straight into our hands. The author calls these ‘gifts’. How we catch (or drop) these gifts depends on our mindset, perspective, beliefs, experiences, values and so many other things.

In this thought-provoking book, Renée teaches us how to adopt the Gift Mindset to learn from these life experiences and appreciate them as gifts.