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Exchange Traded Funds
by Scott Goold

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Some years ago, author and financial expert, Scott Goold lost a lot of money investing in the Asian markets (even though they went up) because of bad investment decisions made by the fund managers.  

“I learned my lesson," said Scott. "The only person you can really trust to do the right thing with your money is you, which is why you need to be sure that you arm yourself with the most powerful weapons in your investment arsenal.”

After extensive research and thorough self-education, Scott has found  his investment weapons of choice – ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds. 

This ground-breaking book introduces readers to the wide world of ETFs from Brazilian equities to Asian technology, US microcaps to Australian miners. They will learn which ETFs offer the best choices, how to evaluate ETFs and trade them in various market conditions as part of a winning investment strategy.

Over the years Scott Goold has worked at the Sydney Futures Exchange and Citibank, trading Forex, futures and options, gaining significant market experience in challenging environments. He is a co-founder of Lifestyle Investor Services where he now develops software and training courses which provide simple principles that help clients invest online with confidence.