Mind over Money: Revised Edition <br><i><small> by Evan Lucas </i> </small>

Mind over Money: Revised Edition
by Evan Lucas


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Published on 27 December 2023 - pre-order your copy now.

'One of the best written and most sophisticated books on personal finance that I’ve read (and I’ve read a few).' ALAN KOHLER

Leading economist Evan Lucas’s bestselling guide to mastering your mindset and making better financial decisions is now available in a smaller, more affordable format, with two bonus chapters of updated information.

Mind over Money has helped thousands of readers understand their money personality better and how their thinking and mindset drives their money behaviour.  

What drives our behaviour and attitude to money? All too often we ignore logic and make decisions around money that we know aren’t entirely rational. That’s because money isn’t just about finances – it’s deeply tied up with our emotions, our learned behaviours and our biases.

In the first of the new chapters, readers learn why having gratitude for what you have will improve your relationship with money.

In the second bonus chapter, the author explores the very human trait of falling into ‘cost sinkholes’ – failing ventures we continue to throw resources at purely because we have done so previously – and how we can learn to cut our losses and, even better, prevent ourselves from falling into these sinkholes in the first place.

This updated edition is certain to find a whole new readership in the current challenging economic environment.