Chicks and Mortar<br><i><small>by Katie Marshall</i></small>

Chicks and Mortar
by Katie Marshall


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Chicks and Mortar: A woman’s guide to investing in property is written by Katie Marshall, an experienced property investor, who shares her knowledge and that of other investors in this practical and informative book. 

Have you always thought property investing was too complex? Would you like to make sure you can retire with a good investment income stream? Do you want to increase your confidence to build a property portfolio? Then this is the book for you. 

    Katie Marshall created the property education support network for women, Chicks and Mortar, and since then has spoken to hundreds of women about their experiences and concerns when it comes to property investing.

    Through Chicks and Mortar, Katie puts the power back into the investor’s hands by giving them the confidence to undertake any property project and ultimately create wealth, freedom and the life of their dreams. Check out the Chicks and Mortar website for more information.