Property book cover for The Property Puzzle by Stuart Wemyss

The Property Puzzle
by Stuart Wemyss


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“Stuart has done a fantastic job of filling in the gaps for anyone looking at investing in property. Detailed explanations of different investments strategies and case studies provide the reader with a rare insight into the maze of property investing – that’s why The Property Puzzle is a must read for those starting out and those uncertain of what property strategy to follow.” Tony Melvin, four time best-selling finance author.

The Property Puzzle by Stuart Wemyss teaches you how to develop your own property-based financial plan, with topics such as defining goals, choosing a property strategy, developing financial forecasts, managing risks, developing a retirement strategy and much more. It is an easy to understand how-to guide which complements all other property books. 

The book will show you how to avoid the myriad mistakes that many investors make. Once you have developed a financial plan, you will feel empowered, knowing you are one step closer to achieving financial security.

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