Property book cover for Smart Questions Property Investors should ask their Solicitor by Robert Balanda

Smart Questions Property Investors Must Ask Their Solicitor
by Robert Balanda

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It is refreshing to read such a down to earth book of very helpful hints from a lawyer. It is an easy read and all who are about to buy a property will learn important and potentially money-saving things from the very many hints and simply explained solutions and clauses presented in this unique book. – John Edwards, CEO and founder of Residex Pty Limited

“Smart Questions” has invaluable tips and traps for buyers and sellers. The examples are based on “real life” examples which makes the purchase of this manual a ‘no brainer’ for property investors. Just get it, use it and you may save yourself a fortune, and even more importantly, keep out of legal trouble.” – Geoff Doidge, Reno Kings

Most property investors appreciate the need to put together a team of advisers: a buyer’s advocate, a mortgage broker, financial planner, property manager. But perhaps the most import adviser you need is a solicitor who is experienced in property investing. 

Before you talk to your solicitor, read this book! In Smart Questions Property Investors Must Ask Their Solicitor, Rob Balanda answers 75 frequently asked questions that property buyers and seller should consider before they make any decisions. This book may save you money.