Property book cover for become a property millionaire in your spare time by Mark Kelman

How to Become a Property Millionaire in your Spare Time
by Mark Kelman

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“Mark Kelman has achieved more in just a few short years than most property investors achieve in a lifetime, using intelligent strategies to acquire multiple properties quickly. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to make the best possible start in property investing.” – Simon Buckingham, Professional Investor, Mentor, & Director of

“More money coming in than money going out is the key to successful property investing. Some call it creating a cash machine, others call it positive cash flow. Mark calls it positive gearing. In this book, Mark proves beyond reasonable doubt, that it is the secret to building a property portfolio.”  Anthony J. Cordato, Property Lawyer

In this easy-to-follow guide to property investing, Mark Kelman shows you how you can successfully start your property investing journey – in your spare time! The first three chapters introduce you to property investing and what it’s all about.

The next 14 chapters cover specific areas of property investing that you will need to be successful and build your own million-dollar property portfolio in your spare time. The final chapter then takes you step-by-step through successfully buying your first property.