Business book cover for China Business Bites by Daryl Guppy

China Business Bites
by Daryl Guppy

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"...A cultural compass for the current and next generation managers who seek to integrate and capitalise on the Chinese Century." – Frank Tudor, National Chair, Australia China Business Council

A Chinese banquet is a combination of interesting and diverse flavours that contribute to the overall impression of the meal. China Business Bites brings together many small bites to build a larger banquet of China business experience, in areas including business, people, language and being host and guest.

Author, Daryl Guppy, sits on the board of the Australia China Business Council. He provides support for Chief Ministers and Cabinet ministers and has advised Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese businesses on better approaches to working in China. He has deep experience in working in China and writes regular columns for Chinese newspapers, including China Daily and Shanghai Security News

Himself a successful China businessman, Daryl Guppy says of China, “You either like it, or hate it. There is no room for indifference.” Clearly Guppy loves it and in this book he shares his enthusiasm for, knowledge of, and wisdom about, doing business in China.