Claim It by Tyron Hyde

Claim It!
by Tyron Hyde

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"f there is some detail about property depreciation that Tyron Hyde does not know I have yet to find it…. his deep knowledge of how to take full advantage of the depreciation rules helps investors make the highest possible returns from their real estate investments.” – Pam Walkley, Editor in Chief, Money magazine

“I made up my mind to work with Tyron when I saw him. I never went to another quantity surveyor. And I never regretted it.” – Harry Triguboff, Founder, Meriton

Depreciation is a tax deduction available to property investors that if claimed can add thousands of dollars to the return from their investments. Tyron Hyde believes depreciation is often overlooked because investors simply don’t know about it. In Claim It! he explains:

  • What is depreciation?
  • How to prepare a depreciation report
  • What building allowances and plant and equipment deductions can be claimed
  • How depreciation affects residential, commercial and industrial property investments
  • How depreciation affects renovations to your property
  • The savings property developers can make from depreciation.