Commercial Property Investing Explained Simply <br><i><small> by Steve Palise </i> </small>

Commercial Property Investing Explained Simply
by Steve Palise


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Commercial Property Investing Explained Simply fills a gap in the market; with so many books for residential investors, at last a comprehensive guide to commercial property by an undisputed expert in this area’.

Adrian Butera – MD, Compton Green Real Estate

‘Steve Palise beautifully articulates the commercial property journey, but more importantly the OPPORTUNITY in diversifying your property portfolio, going commercial and elevating yourself to the next level.’ 

Andrew Morello – Winner of the first Australian Apprentice and Head of Business Development at The Entourage.

Australians love investing in property. They often start by buying their first home and then investing in another residential property as part of their retirement planning and wealth creation strategy. Commercial property is sometimes viewed as risky when really it is just not well understood. The dynamics of commercial property are different but not more complicated – they just need to be explained simply.

Commercial Property Investing Explained Simply breaks down the types of commercial property investors can choose from – it’s not just about retail and office property, but warehouses and industrial property can be remarkably resilient and offer good returns.

The author discusses how to find the best property for you, crunch the numbers, do the due diligence, find and manage tenants and much, much more. There is even a chapter on surviving a downturn.

Steve Palise uses his analytical skills to break down what works best in commercial property. His philosophy is that your investments should increase your wealth and passive income with as little risk as possible. With his straightforward and positive attitude, Steve believes property investing should be not only smart, but also fun!