Culture Hacks <br><i><small> by Colin D. Ellis </i></small>

Culture Hacks
by Colin D. Ellis


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The go-to guide to transforming the way you work from award-winning international speaker, Amazon #1 best-selling author and renowned culture change expert Colin D. Ellis.

Culture is the #1 determinant of team and organisation success and yet too many people still don't know where to begin the evolution process.

Often, they will change the office layout, implement the latest silver bullet method or have the CEO start walking around saying hello to people through gritted teeth. These are lip service responses to culture change that don't provide any incremental improvements to people's working lives.

Culture Hacks is filled with simple, actionable ideas that over time can transform the way that work gets done. From emails to book clubs and meetings to podcasts take regular steps to build a fantastic work culture that everyone wants to be a part of.

As there are 26 Culture Hacks in the book, readers and their teams can try a different one every two weeks for a year. Alternatively, they could pick one thing every month, or they could divide them across different areas within their team so that different people are doing different things. Or they could put them all in a hat and pick one out to try. Doing something differently will make your team memorable in a host of great ways and create stories that they'll share for years.

Culture change isn't hard you just don't know how to hack your day. With Culture Hacks, you do.