Fear Money Purpose<br><i><small>by Nancy Youssef </i> </small>

Fear Money Purpose
by Nancy Youssef


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'Nancy Youssef is a trailblazer. In FEAR MONEY PURPOSE she shares her experience as an entrepreneur, finance strategist and mentor to hundreds of finance business owners … in this useful exploration into what it takes to get ahead and kick financial fear to the curb. Bravo!'
EMMA ISAACS, Founder and Global CEO, Business Chicks

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often face big money fears. Whether it is the fear of not making money, of not knowing what to do with the money they make or the fear of being financially responsible for staff, the fear is real.

In FEAR MONEY PURPOSE, Nancy Youssef shares her experience
and insights gained from helping hundreds of people take control of their financial destiny. By thinking outside of the bank, understanding all the finance options available and taking simple daily actions to help you keep your financial goals on track, you’ll find out what life is like beyond the money fears that can hold you back from achieving your true purpose.

A multiple award-winning finance broker, inspiring mentor and energetic philanthropist determined to create lasting change, Nancy Youssef is the founder of Classic Finance and Classic Mentoring and Coaching. Recognised as a leader, innovator and expert, she is an ambassador for change both within the finance industry here in Australia and in some of the world’s most impoverished communities.