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Flip for Cash
by Geoff Grist

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A ‘renovator’s delight’ isn’t always a run-down house – it can be an apartment too! With house prices soaring in Australian cities, apartments in preferred urban lifestyle locations are more affordable than family homes. They still offer great opportunities for buying, renovating and selling for a profit over a short period – in other words, flipping for cash.

In Flip for Cash, experienced real estate agent and property investor Geoff Grist explains his approach to flipping, including how to:

  • assess whether flipping is right for you
  • choose the right property to flip
  • renovate for maximum profit.

It’s packed with fascinating ‘sold stories’ of actual results in flipping, and handy checklists to make sure you select the best property and do the right renovations to make the best profit.

Also by Geoff Grist: Journey to Sold and Sold Above Market.