From Deadwood to Diamonds<br><i><small>by Stefan Kazakis</i></small>

From Deadwood to Diamonds
by Stefan Kazakis


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From Deadwood to Diamonds is an important book for those who have always dreamed of running a successful small business. If you’re already a small-business owner or you’re looking to venture your own start-up, then this book is for you.

Thousands of small-business owners around Australia are running a micro business from their kitchen table or managing small teams of employees in a bigger (small) business. Most of the time they think they are successful. If they are really honest with themselves, however, they would admit that the ‘success’ they are achieving falls a little short of their expectations.

Stefan Kazakis has run his own small businesses in multiple industries for over 25 years. Now he is helping hundreds of business owners take their businesses to new heights. From Deadwood to Diamonds provides a no-nonsense approach to turning a business around. Stefan doesn’t hold back the brutal truth that success is about commitment and digging deep – you are required to make a consistent effort. With formulas, techniques, tools, systems and tips, Stefan shows you how to unlock the profit potential in your business to achieve real business success. Guaranteed!

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