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Give Back. Lead Forward
by Julian Carle


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Give Back. Lead Forward by Julian Carle provides a practical framework that demonstrates why every leader should be a mentor and have a mentor. 

If you are a leader looking to become a mentor then this book highlights not only how to go about it, but it gives you key things to consider when you are trying to identify a potential suitable mentee. If you want to implement a formal mentoring program in your organisation, this book provides you with the structure that will support your program.

Mentoring provides a way for both mentor and mentee to accelerate their leadership learning. This fascinating book covers building trust, giving feedback, resolving issues and the networking benefits mentoring brings.

With the rapid of approach of artificial intelligence threatening to take so many jobs, it is soft skills, such as those learned and honed through mentoring, that will give readers the edge in their career journey. From the mentor's perspective, mentoring a next-generation leader is an extremely rewarding way of giving back to the leadership community.

Find out more about Julian and his company, Synergen Group, on their website and check out his leadership podcast.