The business book cover of It's All Possible by Rob Hartnett

It's All Possible
by Rob Hartnett

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An insightful, motivational and captivating book that is easy to read and will inspire you to greatness.
Thomas J. Williams – Chairman and founder, Strategic Dynamics Inc.

Rich insights from experts and personal experience show us all how we can climb our own mountains and grow and use our grey matter more effectively.
Hannah MacDougall PhD – élite cyclist, motivational speaker,
expert in athlete well-being

Positive thinking coupled with positive doing is a must for anybody in today’s disrupted, distracted world where change is the new normal.

It’s All Possible shows how to embrace change through insightful stories and proven possibility hacks from everyday people, business leaders, sports stars and entertainers that will inspire and motivate you. It is backed with the latest research on mindset and personal development.

Throughout this book you will get to know Rob Hartnett who has worked in senior leadership roles with both global and small organisations, achieving many milestones along the way. Rob is the founder and CEO of The Hartnett Group and a sought-after speaker on possibility and mindset. Most importantly, Rob is a proud family man and a former world champion yachtsman. What drives Rob will drive you to believe that, really, It's All Possible.