Junior to Partner in under 5 years <br><i><small>by Dr Bradley Postma</small></i>

Junior to Partner in under 5 years
by Dr Bradley Postma

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"Compulsory reading for anyone on the path to partnership." – Ben Coogan, Partner

"Practical, down-to-earth advice on how to reach dreams
by someone who has!" – Kerry Rooke, Human Resources Manager

It is becoming increasingly hard for new professional recruits to make partner and there are currently record numbers of practitioners qualifying. The odds may be uninspiring for those entering the professions, but every professional must still aspire to partnership. Without partnership in mind, the professional will not be challenged and will stagnate, which is beneficial to neither the professional nor the firm.

In this practical and inspiring book, Bradley Postma shows how anyone in professional services can become partner – just as he did, without undue delay. It’s a combination of working smart, staying focused, learning how to best work with clients and colleagues, putting systems in place and adhering to them.