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Lead the Room
by Shane Hatton


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Communicate a Message That Counts in Moments That Matter

In the moments that really matter, people don’t just look for something to inform them, they look to someone who will lead them. They don’t just want a speaker, they need a leader. This is a book about making those moments count. If you struggle with public speaking or presenting this book will help, but the real purpose aims higher than that. This is a book to help you become a more effective leader, to help you build and leverage your leadership platform to lead and mobilise your people.

“At the heart of great leadership is great communication. In Lead The Room, Shane brings this truth into the spotlight with infectious energy and enthusiasm… no matter where you are in your leadership journey, you can’t help but learn from it.” -- Tim Costello, Chief Advocate, World Vision Australia

“In a noisy world where people are constantly challenged with how to grab attention to deliver important messages to gain essential engagement and positioning, leadership matters more than ever. Don’t delay – study this [book], action this and lead the room powerfully.” -- Christina Guidotti – CEO, Leading Women

“We don’t need more eloquent speakers we need more authentic communicators. We need to give more focus to our character and content than we do our form and delivery. Thank you, Shane, for providing a tool to encourage that.” -- Daniel Flynn, Co-founder Thankyou and best-selling author of Chapter One