Property book cover for Let's Get Real by Luke Harris and Matthew Bateman

Let's Get Real
by Luke Harris and Matthew Bateman


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“If you want to begin or improve your wealth creation journey, then avoid all the expert 'noise' and sit quietly with this little gem [Let’s Get Real] 
 Greg Smith, Nunderi, NSW

“Wherever you are on your property journey, whether you are saving for your first property or you are a seasoned investor, I highly recommend talking to The Property Mentors.”  James Taylor, Sydney

Let’s Get Real is a call to action to all Australians who want to take control of their destiny and fulfil their life goals. The authors believe that most property investors don’t succeed because they approach investing in the wrong way – it’s not about the property, it’s about the investor.

If investors have the correct mindset, understand their motivation, define their goals and put together an A-Team of experts, they will proceed from their Point A (their current position) to their Point B (where they achieve their goals).

Luke Harris and Matthew Bateman are founders and directors of The Property Mentors.