Business book cover for Life Learnings of a Life Coach by Heiner Karst

Life Learnings of a Life Coach
by Heiner Karst


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A practical handbook with a personal touch… a must-have for people who want to take charge of their life and live it to the full. 
– Belinda Cohen, Performance consultant and coach, Inspired Reality

Elite sports people and business executives have coaches to help them perform at the highest level. The majority of coaches have themselves been leading athletes or top business people. The guidance and wisdom they impart fast-tracks the careers of those they work with. If coaching works in sport and in business – why not in everyday life? 

Author, Heiner Karst has spent many years coaching and mentoring clients to become the best they can be. He believes that with the right insights, many of us can coach ourselves through the obstacles we encounter, and develop a bunch of really strong, success-generating habits. The tools and approaches mapped out in this book can fast-track readers to desirable outcomes.