Making Waves by Jason Bawden-Smith

Making Waves
by Jason Bawden-Smith

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Making Waves is a rich business autobiography written by Jason Bawden-Smith, a very successful Australian entrepreneur, who has stripped himself bare to share his life lessons and wisdom with the wider community in this fascinating book.

Jason’s mantra is that “purposeful play leads to prosperity in business and in life”. Business may be a serious matter but to be a success it has to be fun. Jason encourages you to recall your childhood games and pastimes which will reveal what you truly like doing and help you to decide your purpose in business and in life. The themes throughout the book are many and varied and illustrated with personal stories and lessons. 

They include:

• There’s always a better way – you just have to find it
• Your complaint is your call to action
• Fail forward and learn by your mistakes (even if you make them more than once)
• You can have your cake and eat it too.

And of course, you shouldn’t be afraid of making waves!

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