The MBA Mindset <small><i><br>edited by Miles Ashton and Jessica Currell</small></i>

The MBA Mindset
edited by Miles Ashton and Jessica Currell


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"The MBA Mindset prompts the reader to think through complex issues and challenge paradigms."
Richard Goyder
Managing Director, Wesfarmers

"…[does] an outstanding job of exploring critical management themes from the fresh perspectives of the next generation of industry leaders…"
Mark Barnaba
Chair, University of Western Australia Business School

Written by MBA graduates for next generation leaders, The MBA Mindset includes thought-leadership and reflections of diverse authors fresh from a one-year intensive MBA program.

This fascinating book brings together the best of contemporary management theory and practice into a single easy-to-read one-stop-shop volume. The big issues of tomorrow in leading and managing organisations are addressed by a next generation of industry leaders and entrepreneurs. Indeed, what will jobs look like for the next generation as artificial intelligence changes the very future of work itself?

Also in the MBA Series are The MBA Advantage and The MBA Impact.

This edition is edited by Miles Ashton and Jessica Currell.