Business book cover for Working for Yourself by Greg Nazanov

Working For Yourself
by Greg Nazvanov


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“..It’s inspiring. New Wealth Creator magazine gives this book 4 stars 

“A useful guide for budding entrepreneurs or those looking for a change.”  Richard Scott, Money magazine

It’s most people’s dream, the freedom offered by Working For Yourself. No more difficult boss, no more long commute to work, a better work/life balance. But before embarking upon this dream it is essential to be armed with all the facts. The majority of budding entrepreneurs fail in their dream of running their own successful business in the first three years.

Sydney author, accountant, business consultant and financial planner, Greg Nazanov CFP MBA, has helped literally hundreds of friends and clients along their business journey. In this practical guide he gives a balanced view on all aspects of working for yourself. Most important is to start your journey with a destination in mind.

“There are plenty of books out there written about all aspects of working for yourself and starting a small business,” says Greg. "I wanted to write a one-stop-shop, offering a balanced overview of all the aspects of business you will face over its lifecycle.”