Book cover for World's Best Jazz Club by David James

World's Best Jazz Club
by David James


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“One of those rare books that provides an intimate snapshot of an iconic place….a fascinating exposé of the life, music and 21-year history of a famous jazz club.”  Mark Pollard

Bennetts Lane is one of the great jazz clubs in the world. I can’t think of anywhere I played that is better.”  Allan Browne

“It has all the hallmarks to me of a great jazz club…They got the whole combination right.” – Paul Grabowsky

When renowned jazz trumpeter, Wynton Marsalis, told Bennetts Lane founder and owner, Michael Tortoni, “There are not too many jazz clubs like this, anywhere.” Tortoni knew then that he was on the right track. World’s Best Jazz Club is the story of Bennetts Lane, which is in turn the story of Australian jazz over the last two decades.

The characters, the musical styles, the changing aesthetics, the new techniques. Through more than 50 interviews, author, journalist and accomplished jazz musician, David James has pieced together the history of this iconic club.

Bennetts Lane closed its doors in 2015, making this book even more special. The only way you can visit the world's best jazz club now is through the pages in this book.