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Financial Autonomy by Paul Benson is the ideal book for anyone starting out on their wealth creation journey. 

Financial Autonomy is a book about gaining the choice to do the things in life that are important to you. If you're able to build a financial base that is sufficient to support your lifestyle you can have the ability to choose how you fulfil those other aspects of your life that provide personal happiness and satisfaction.

This is not a get-rich-quick book

Many investment books promise to make the reader astronomically wealthy by offering a method that will garner 100+ investment properties or make you a share trading millionaire.  Financial Autonomy does neither but wants to provide a level of base knowledge to the reader so that they have choices in life. They can choose what they want rather than be a slave to a salary or a hamster in the wheel.

It offers a broad financial education

This book does not favour any particular income-creating channel but provides a balanced approach respecting the reader’s own bias. The author explains some of the basic concepts in easy-to-understand language using real-life examples from his experience as a financial planner to engage and inform the reader.

From the first chapter, Financial Autonomy is an easy-to-understand and highly informative book which will help the reader understand their own secondary income profile – regardless of their financial literacy level. The author also provides practical tips on starting out in each of the investment pathways.

But wait there's more

This book is progressive in that it provides a multi-media approach to explain the concepts by referring to the author’s more than 150 Financial Autonomy podcasts. Readers can listen to these to gain more background and a deeper understanding from some of the many interviews that Paul Benson has conducted in researching this particular topic. 

Throughout the book, reference is made to the workbook that readers can download from the author’s website. Using the workbook will assist the reader in understanding their risk profile and what types of investment would best suit them, as well as being able to further develop understanding of the concepts.

Pay it forward 

Over my more than 20 years’ experience in banking, many of my clients have gone down the wealth creation pathways discussed in the book and have only been mildly successful due to a lack of basic knowledge. I will be thoroughly recommending Financial Autonomy to any client who I believe is able to benefit from the mindset promoted within these pages, which will give them the ability to choose the life they want moving forward.

Matthew Chantrey – Business Banker

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