The Ulysses Contract: How to never worry about the share market again <br><i><small> by Michael Kemp </i> </small>

The Ulysses Contract: How to never worry about the share market again
by Michael Kemp


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Published 28th March 2023.

'You've lucked onto something very special by picking up this book.' SCOTT PAPE, THE BAREFOOT INVESTOR

Avoid share market traps and create a watertight plan for long-term investment success.

Most of us know the Greek myth of Ulysses, who made a pact with his ship's crew ordering them to block their ears with wax and tie him to the mast of the ship while they steered past an island inhabited by mythological creatures called Sirens.

This story inspired the term Ulysses Contract , which is a commitment device that helps us to build and maintain good habits and decisions despite future temptations.

In The Ulysses Contract, Michael Kemp uses the Ulysses analogy to warn of the 'sirens' that tempt investors to part with their money and demonstrates how to put in place a successful investment plan that embodies discipline, consistency, and patience.

Written with masterful storytelling that expertly explains complex investment concepts, you will learn how to:

  • Avoid get-rich-quick temptations - think cryptocurrency and day trading
  • Learn from the lessons of history - it's NOT different this time
  • Develop a long term, low-risk investing strategy.

Armed with this knowledge you will become empowered to make sound investment decisions and obtain your own slice of financial freedom.

Whether that means spending time with friends and family, helping your children achieve their life goals or dispensing of debt, The Ulysses Contract demonstrates just how remarkably easy it can be for anyone to develop into a capable and successful investor.

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