Shareplicity 2: A guide to investing in US stock markets<br><i><small>by Danielle Ecuyer</i></small>

Shareplicity 2: A guide to investing in US stock markets
by Danielle Ecuyer


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Think of all the runaway business success stories: Google, Facebook, Amazon to name just three. Imagine if you had invested in these stocks when they first listed!

The reality is, not many Australians know how to invest in US stocks or understand what they need to consider to make the right investment decisions.

Danielle Ecuyer has been investing in the US stock market for many years and now shares her experience and expertise in Shareplicity 2, the follow up book to her bestselling Shareplicity, which hit book shops in 2020 and has been on the Top 50 Business Book bestseller lists ever since.

Since launching her first book, Danielle has been a regular media commentator, contributor and podcast guest as she shares her simple approach to share market investing. The feedback she has had from readers has been sensational, with 5 star reviews and thank yous on social media.

But the real success story is the momentum of the US stock market throughout the Trump presidency and the pandemic and now still with President Biden in power. And this is what Danielle captures in her new book Shareplicity 2, how Australian investors can successfully invest in US stocks, predominantly through ETFs (exchange traded funds) and how they can pick the themes and the trends that will offer the best returns in the 2020s and beyond.

Industry pundits have long looked for a book on this subject and Shareplicity 2 is the first.

It is a comprehensive and practical book with chapters on:

  • Ford versus Tesla, the changing of the guard
  • US stock markets and the major indices
  • The US now and into the future
  • Valuing the top 20 US giants
  • Secular megatrends: part one – an overview
  • Secular megatrends: part two – growth sectors and stocks
  • Investing in the US indirectly via ETFs and ESG funds
  • US stock portfolios
  • What you need to know
  • Investing is not a process of perfect.

It is sure to find a huge audience of Shareplicity fans looking to take the next step.