Financial Autonomy<br><i><small>by Paul Benson</i> </small>
Financial Autonomy<br><i><small>by Paul Benson</i> </small>

Financial Autonomy
by Paul Benson


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Financial Autonomy, by Melbourne financial planning expert Paul Benson is about money. But, unlike most money books, it’s not focused on making you the richest person in your street, or worse, the richest person in the cemetery. Instead, the focus of this book is on gaining choice.

Divided into parts dedicated to cash flow, investing in stocks, investing in property and self-employment and side hustles, the book starts with the reader -- YOU! What are your goals and aspirations? What does financial autonomy mean to you? Then the author shows you how to make a plan and follow it with the ultimate destination being the freedom to choose the lifestyle you desire.


'A clear, sensible and straightforward guide to take control of your money and put you on the path to financial independence.'
Stephen Miles, Investment Editor, SMH and The Age

'Paul outlines three distinct — but possibly overlapping — strategies to build wealth and freedom. Or choice. Or independence.'
Nick Lope, The Side Hustle Show

'I would highly recommend Financial Autonomy to anyone looking to explore their options, in regaining control over their financial life.'
Kate Campbell, How to Money

'The ideal book for anyone starting out on their wealth creation journey.'
'Unlike most financial wealth books, Financial Autonomy does not focus on making as much money as possible. It does, however, explore choices, and it clearly and simply explains strategies to gain financial autonomy.' 
'The pandemic may have knocked you off your previous financial path, but this book is a highly recommended guide to getting out of the financial weeds and back onto a safer path of your choosing.'