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In the Dark
by Jason Bawden-Smith


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“Jason Bawden-Smith has made visible one of the greatest risks of modern life and taught us what to do to protect our health… I intend to make quite a fuss until the people I love have all read In the Dark and are taking action.” – Catherine Austin Fitts

Do you spend the majority of your day in front of a laptop, in artificial light? Then drive home, chatting on your Bluetooth before heating up your dinner in the microwave? Then you ‘relax’ with your iPad, glancing at your flat screen TV that’s downloading the latest movie, before setting the alarm on your phone and sleeping with it next to your head, the smart meter buzzing away in the background? Here’s another question: How do you feel? Any headaches or ringing in the ears? Lack of energy? Putting on weight? Annoying little allergies? Ever wondered if there’s a connection? 

There’s no doubt technology serves great function in this day and age, and will continue to do so. In the Dark, Jason Bawden-Smith simply brings stronger awareness to the adverse effects technology can have, and offers simple and practical measures people can take, without feeling they have to compromise the lifestyle they want.

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