Journey to Sold <br><i><small> by Geoff Grist </i> </small>

Journey to Sold
by Geoff Grist


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“It’s like Wikipedia for home selling – a step-by-step guide  with something for absolutely everyone.”
Samantha McLean, Managing Editor, Elite Agent

Selling property is a journey that can take surprising twists and turns – and there’s a lot at stake! Your home may well be your biggest financial asset, so achieving a GREAT sale price, rather than a so-so price, can make a significant difference to your net worth.

As with any journey, planning and forethought are crucial to success. In this practical guide to your Journey to Sold, you’ll profit from real estate agent and entrepreneur Geoff Grist’s wealth of experience, gained over two decades in the real estate industry. He explains the entire sale process: from the crucial first step of choosing the right agent, to presenting your property for sale, negotiating offers and, finally, slapping a big ‘SOLD’ sticker on your signboard with a big smile on your face! Journey to Sold is your passport to a profitable property sale.

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