Business book cover for Strictly Mining Boardroom II by Dr Allan Trench and John Sykes

Strictly (Mining) Boardroom II PDF ebook
by Dr Allan Trench & John Sykes


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The authors’ chatty style and witty metaphors form a highly entertaining backdrop to their compelling insights into ‘real’ issues confronting resources industry boards.”  Jessica Volich, Resources Sustainability Specialist

An entertaining dialogue, covering many aspects of the business of mining from the board’s perspective.”  Alex Atkins, Manager in Risk Advisory at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

The first volume of Strictly (Mining) Boardroom was so well received that Dr Allan Trench was easily persuaded to compile a second volume, this time with the help of John Sykes. With the punchy subtitle of 'A Practitioner’s Guide for Next Generation Directors', the new book contains a comprehensive set of information and insights for current and future industry decision-makers, delivered in a refreshing easy-to-read style. 

The range of topics covered include:

  • mining excellence, innovation and future thinking
  • exploration and mineral economics
  • team-working and gender balance
  • mining and economic development
  • political risk, the downturn
  • and much, much more.

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